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A number of great Midwestern states have been my home for the past 15 years, and I have enjoyed studying and teaching at public and private institutions across 4 of them. Living next door to the third largest city in the United States while at Northwestern was amazing, and I enjoyed exploring the different museums, gardens, and zoos Chicago had to offer. I am equally at home, however, in Kentucky and Tennessee where I am fortunate to enjoy the forested hillsides, tranquil lakeshores, and winding country lanes.

Naturally, culture is important to a “cultural historian." I am particularly fond of Russian novels, Southern Gothic tales, and critical theory. My eclectic musical tastes are often found interlaced in the weeks of my syllabi, and I enjoy introducing students to opera, impressionistic music, atomic-era barn dance, and punk protest songs. Decompression time at my own upright grand is fulfilling too. Films ranging from Hitchcock and Cold War Sci-Fi flicks to the newest horror remake also provide a nice reprieve from more cerebral pursuits. I also greatly enjoy following both Olympic cycles, the FIFA World Cup, and tennis and diving competitions.

My outdoor pursuits include photographing the local flora and fauna, documenting the architecture of fading landmarks, and enjoying views of the constellations and moon from my gorgeous lakeside perch. Over the years, I have also developed an interest in folkways gardening on the one hand and the globalization and expansion of American cuisine on the other. There is something restorative about growing your own food from seed and preparing it in exciting new ways in the kitchen.

My home page outlines my diverse training, pedagogical perspective, and teaching and research interests, but below you can click and receive my teaching philosophy and scroll to see an abridged version of my CV. Check the dedicated "courses" and "research" pages for more detailed descriptions of courses I have designed or for information on my research projects!



Northwestern University

Specializations: Transnational Cultural History, British History
Minor Field: 19th & 20th Century Russian History

Middle Tennessee State University

Thematic Minor: Gender & Sexuality

Ph.D. in History (2023)

M.A. in American History (2012)

M.A. in European History (2010)

University of Cincinnati

Thematic Minor: Cultural History
Graduate Certificate: Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

University of Evansville

Medieval & Early Modern European History
Gender & Sexuality

B.A. in History (2008)

Teaching & Mentoring

Western Kentucky University: Assistant Director of WKU Online

  • Assists Online Program Services and Cohort Programs with enrollment tracking and student support.

  • Oversees online program audits and monitors substantive interactions between faculty and students.

  • Ensures WKU's distance education programs comply with government regulations as well as licensure and accreditation requirements.

Northwestern University in Qatar: Instructor & Online Facilitator

  • Instructor, Undergraduate Writing, Liberal Arts 

  • Online Writing Mentor, Research Methods, Liberal Arts 

  • Facilitator, Ways of Knowing Program, Liberal Arts

Northwestern University: Instructor for the School of Professional Studies

  • History 250-B, Global History since 1750

  • History 300, The Cultural Cold War (1945-1991)

Northwestern University: Teaching Assistant for the History Department

  • History 349, History of the Holocaust

  • History 344, Germany since 1945 

  • History 200, Russian Culture in Revolution

  •  History 360, Tudor-Stuart Britain

  •  History 201, European Civilization 1789-1991

  • History 361, Sex and Scandal in EM England

  • History 361, US Gay and Lesbian History

Northwestern University: History Writing Center Coordinator & Mentor

  • Mentored history majors on historiographical counterpoint, argumentation, and research.

  • Increased retention in history courses by offering personalized writing appointments.

  • Taught non-majors how or adapt to discipline-specific modes of thinking and writing.

Middle Tennessee State University: Teaching Assistant for the History Department

  • History 2020, United States History II (ethnomusicology focus)

  • History 2020, United States History II (focus on race & politics)

University of Cincinnati: Teaching Assistant for History Department

  • History 3070, Masculinity in Britain and America 1800-2000

  • History 3030, Twentieth-Century Britain

  • History 3010, Eighteenth-Century Britain and the Empire

  • WC 1030, European Civilization, 1789-1989 

  • WC 1020, European Civilization, 1500-1789

  • WC 1010, European Civilization, 1200-1500

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